The Lara Family // Family Photography // Amarillo, Texas
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December 07, 2018
By Adair Photography
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There's never a dull moment when this wonderful family comes to the studio. Especially the whole Lara fam! Not just mom, dad, sister and brother, but also the family that may not share the same members. Clem, you not only blessed your U.S family with memories and smiles, you've blessed our creative team with laughs and a few French words we hope to remember when we make it over there for a visit! 

The Lara's had the perfect fall afternoon for their family portraits. Not to mention just a perfect family all around. Like hello, look at those matching wardrobes and timeless smiles! Sure, we might have only met you all this year, but we sure hope we get to capture more memories as your family's journey continues. We can also live with just a random visit, to keep us sane from not seeing you of course!

See you sooner than later Lara family <3



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