The Hanke Family // Family Portraits // Amarillo, Texas
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January 11, 2019
By Adair Photography
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This group of Hanke ladies was nothing short of a good time! Their family session was full of laughs, hugs and of course - Unforgettable moments with those who matter the very most. And if you can't tell from the portraits below, these four powerhouse women are as tight knit as it gets.

There could not have been a better day to capture these beautiful smiles. From the amazing weather, to the beautiful sunset, every click of the camera was just one more portrait we knew we would probably never get over. And we know they felt the same! - But really, look at them! You can't really be surprised by how gorgeous each one of them look below.

Wisest to youngest, there's a fire in them all. One we would never want to put out! 

Next time however, we'll be sure to invite the pugs!



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