The Brister Family // Family Portraits // Amarillo, Texas
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December 03, 2018
By Adair Photography
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Baby it's cold outside! But that was no excuse for this happy couple when it came to capturing this perfect winter scene in their family portraits. I mean, has winter ever looked this good?! We didn't think so either! No joke, can y'all just come back every season?

There is no denying the beauty in the portraits you see below, but the love? Oh, it's truly what dreams must be made of readers. We know this not only because we've photographed these smiles before, but because you can feel it all the way on the other side of the camera! - How does that saying go? If it's meant to be it'll be? Well, what was still is, and always will be. Especially when it comes to you Mr. and Mrs. Blister. 

Home isn't a place, but a person. And these two are undeniably, home. We can't wait to capture what awaits for you both as you continue writing your story together!



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