Mr. & Mrs. Lowry // Wedding Photography // Amarillo, Texas
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January 17, 2019
By Adair Photography
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Let me tell you readers, you may or may not need an entire box of tissues after hearing this lovely couples story. And when we say may or may not, we actually mean you need it immediately! 

What started as two high school sweethearts, later led to college sweethearts, which has led to lifetime sweethearts! I mean, it's practically a fairytale that runs on caffeine and football. Yes, you read that right! These two have not only known each other for 10 or more years, they have also thanked coffee and sports for getting them through it all! I mean, how much more perfect can these two get?

While we're on the topic of perfection here, we just have to tell you how Trey popped the question. Like, we all need this information right?! Exactly! - So, it was supposed to be date night, but Mr. Lowry and his future bride-to-be 'had to stop by a friend's house' before. But Samantha was in for way more than just that. She was immediately greeted with a walkway of candles and rose petals leading to a wall of lights and candles with tons of their old memories hanging on it. And then, in the midst of all the shock and awe. Trey got down on one knee and asked Samantha to be a part of his life, well forever. Her answer? YES! 

So here we are, adoring every memory from this very special day. From revealing her beautiful dress to her grandpa before the ceremony, to their sweet family and friends praying over the bride and groom - There was nothing more beautiful to be a part of. This day wasn't only for Samantha and Trey, but for everyone they hold near and dear as well. After all, they all knew you were meant to be from the very beginning!

We can't wait to see what comes next for you Mr. and Mrs. Lowry!



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