Channing Cooke // Tascosa High School // Amarillo, Texas
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December 03, 2018
By Adair Photography
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Hey girl HEY! *insert heart eyes here*

Not only did this Tascosa babe celebrate her birthday with us, we captured some pretty unforgettable senior portraits as well. And might we add, she made it all look so effortless. This is Channing, but you probably know this future grad from the sidelines where she's repping black and red for the Rebs! But when the pom poms aren't in the picture, she's rocking her final year in the school hallways with friends.

Now, what's a 18th birthday party without balloons?! Exactly readers - There is NO SUCH THING. And despite the West Texas wind, we made sure that this birthday girl got the perfect memory to match that perfect smile for the perfect portrait. - Wait, did we mention perfect yet?! Oh we did? Our bad! 

Despite how we feel about this gorgeous girl, we know Channing left feeling like she was ontop of the world. Because that's exactly how it should be sweet girl. Never forget that as you continue to do you! We sure hope you see just what amazing things you are capable of - Because not only does momma, but so do we! You're worth it.




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