Andrea Lara // Plainview High School // Amarillo, Texas
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December 03, 2018
By Adair Photography
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There was an automatic connection when this pretty Plainview senior and her momma walked through our studio doors for their consultation. Not only were they both outrageously beautiful, they were funny, humble, and in love with timeless portraits as much as we are. We knew from the start it would be love at first 'click!' 

When the day finally came to photograph Andrea we started with Ariana Grande jams, hair and make-up with our glam guru Rhi, and picked out wardrobe from her endless amount of options! No seriously, it's almost impossible to choose when a girl so gorgeous is in the studio

The red jumpsuit was absolute perfection when it came to the in-studio vibe - Talk about chic! Once we knew we got 'the one' we moved onto the next look. And trust us when we say we were just as obsessed with in-studio as well as the outdoor magic. There was a bit of a West Texas chill, but it never stopped Andrea from striking a pose. And another one. And another one?! - Can you tell we're still obsessed? Because we are.

This girl is un-stop-able. From her wit, to her humor, to her brains, and allllll the way back to her beauty. This world is yours to conquer sweet girl. And we know your entire family will be right there when you do it. Us too! Come see us soon Laras!



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